Charismagic (vol.2) #1 Review

Is there still enough magic in the bottle to sell this concept as a second volume?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Aspen:

Magician Hank Medley thought he had everything figured out. After saving the world from an ancient, ruinous evil, with the help of a Druid named Sudana and his magical talking cat Sparkles, Hank discovers the true nature of dark magic has arrived in his own realm-our world! Now, the trio must attempt to put an end to catastrophic events that will threaten to tear Earth apart under the weight of such a menace. Featuring a returning cast of Charismagic’s favorite characters along with several new and astonishing faces and creatures of magic, this new volume of CHARISMAGIC is a perfect jumping-on point for all!

When it comes to telling an outlandish tale like this one that involves magic set in the modern world, there’s certainly plenty of obstacles for the creative team to overcome.  Thankfully in the end this duo does enough right to more than warrant your attention as they continue this epic in stellar fashion.

Vince Hernandez pens the script and the scribe from the first page to the final panel knows exactly what he’s going for.  As he effortlessly unleashes unspeakable horrors upon not just our heroes but the people they are trying to protect.  The most important thing here is the dialogue itself, as each character reacts as you might expect them too but there were some minor but nonetheless odd choices made that might make some of their actions less than believable.

Vincenzo Cucca handles the art and his pencil work is absolutely spectacular to behold.  He brilliantly structures monsters and landscapes in a way that ruly conveys the fear and intimidation our cast of primary players must be feeling as they face this massive obstacles.  There are some moments where the expressions on people seemed to be a tad bit over the top but these did little to detract from the kinetic essence imbued in each sequence.

Charismagic (vol.2) #1 is a strong start that easily earns a recommendation.


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