Captain Midnight #6 Review

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Does the series continue to soar, or has it reached some unexpected turbulence?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

Captain Midnight heads to Washington, DC, to help Agent Jones learn the truth behind the mysterious Project Black Sky. But Jones’s investigation into Black Sky is raising red flags with the wrong people, which puts Captain Midnight on a collision course with a deadly assassin who, even with all of Midnight’s intelligence and resourcefulness, might be too much for him to handle.

Captain Midnight 6_CI have to say that from the first issue on I knew that what we had here was nothing short of special.  We have some bits that may seem familiar to fans of the genre, but how they’re combined and executed ultimately yields an adventure that’s original enough. To the credit of the creative team I’m impressed and I find myself eagerly anticipating each month’s installment.

Joshua Williamson has my attention, as he steers our hero and his friends toward whatever Shark infested waters he may (see what I did there). There’s a lot to love here, from the interactions between the primary players to the development of the continuing mystery, this author has a firm grasp on the tale he’s striving to share with us. There are some detriments as the dialogue comes off as overly wordy and stiff at times, but never enough to ruin any of the key moments.  In short: this is a really good but imperfect yarn.

The art by Eduardo Francisco from the first page to the final panel is top notch. Every single line echoes old sensibilities combined with modern mechanics, as the talent effortlessly builds this world full of new-age Nazis and government conspiracies.  I was particularly blown away by the delicate execution of some of the more minor intricacies, from the facial features to the out of this world technology it’s clear that this illustrator did his homework.

Captain Midnight #6 is a comic book that’s fun, there I said it.  It’s got a classic presence that easily makes the whole package a must own.  Recommended.



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