Captain Midnight #2 Review

Is this hero that’s literally out of his depth really someone that needs to be here in our present?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

It’s only been seventy-two hours since he appeared in the present, but three people have already tried to kill Captain Midnight! When faced with an FBI agent tasked with his capture, a fanboy pilot who knows his history, and the badass granddaughter of his lost love, the time-traveling hero must decide if he can trust these unlikely allies as he attempts to take on one of his oldest enemies!

If the story of a man from the past returning to the present seems to be a bit familiar, don’t worry because it is.  But that doesn’t mean what we get is bad by any stretch of the imagination and to the creative teams credit they handily build up their own narrative without losing sight of their unique core audience.

The script by Joshua Williamson is sound, as it picks up the pace a bit while uplifting the core mechanics of this outlandish but engaging literary jaunt.  The author successfully focuses in on Jim Albright, as our protagonist becomes more familiar with the new world around him.  There are some overly corny bits that threaten to derail an otherwise solid effort, but for the most part these were few and far between.  The scribe instead chose to focuses in on the components that set this tale apart, delivering a good story that’s balanced enough to please.

I have to say that the art by Fernando Dagnino is superb from the first page to the final panel.  He effortlessly illustrates a beautiful vision that relies on thick lines to find a balance between old school design and a modern industry that has undergone decades of evolution.  I was particularly impressed with the subtle shifts in structure that invite humanistic qualities while embedding some natural parallels that will no doubt garner some deserved attention.

Captain Midnight #2 is a good but not perfect release that’s destined to attract superhero enthusiasts of all ages.  Recommended.


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