BubbleGun #4 Review

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The penultimate issue of the first volume has arrived, but does the newest entry manage to stay on target?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Aspen:

They like the tech, but live for the high stakes!

The BUBBLEGUN team is banged up, worn down, and low on confidence after their leader is taken from them. Molli, in desperation, resorts to extreme measures in order to rescue her captive sister back from the dangerous clutches of Drazic, Craine and Vitadrone. The odds of survival are low–which is par for the course with this group!

BubbleGun 4_CI can’t help but shout my glee as I happily report that this latest outing was an absolute success.  From beginning to end the creative team unleashes a barrage of plot points that have all been built up since the inception of this arc.  In short: it’s not completely perfect but it has the steady aim and solid gumption to warrant your attention.

Mark Roslan continues to pen this technological drama, with a script that simply makes use of all the dynamic players on his board.  We see two plans enacted in this outing, as a rush to the finish mentality delivers something that never felt underdeveloped.  As everything unfolds, the scribe keeps a strong focus on the various pieces while throwing in a few curve balls here and there that are destined to keep any audience member on their toes.   I did find a couple minor lines to a bit out of place but this really did nothing to sully the experience.

The art by Mike Bowden is absolutely top notch.   It’s a series of chaotic but refined illustrations that make use of a world built around these zany characters. From the vehicles to the personas that inhabit them, there’s a lot to love.  With all that said there were only a few pages that felt a tad bit nascent, as light line-work became overshadowed by brilliant colors.

BubbleGun #4 is a comic book which boldly strides toward something more than the mere sum of its somewhat developed but nonetheless mechanical parts. Highly recommended.



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