BubbleGun #3 Review

This technologically based affair rolls out a third issue, but is it something worth following?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Aspen:

They like the tech, but live for the high stakes!

The team squares off against Craine and his cybernetic ninja assault squad, as Vitadrone’s deadly powerhouse brings the fight down upon their headquarters. Along the way, the team learns the tragic sacrifice that their line of work costs, including a pair of life or death choices for Molli and Roman!

The truth is when I first sat down and began reviewing this series for UTF I had no idea what I was getting into.  There are elements of pop-culture, science fiction and teen drama all brought together in a narrative that’s just constantly racing toward a finish. In short what’s apparent is that the creative team has crafted an affair that feels kinetic from beginning to end.

When I cracked open this issue the series scribe, Mark Roslan, wasted absolutely no time throwing us back into a hot thick mess.  Betrayal brought about revelations that unbeknownst to our protagonists are bound to have consequences as early as the next outing.  Truth be told I was floored reading the verbal attack and even when this book sort of slows down to fill in some narrative gaps there’s still an unmistakable feeling of hyper-activity that propels it.  There’s a drawback to that fact as some of the conversations felt hollow.

Mike Bowden is the star of this veritable festivity, as his pencil strokes are zany, chaotic and inviting.  He brings this world of cyber crime to life on a level that’s not necessarily realistic, in fact far from it, but believable within the confines of its craziness.  That right there is what makes each page and panel work, as it leaves me with no negative comments except to say that I wish it was longer.

BubbleGun #3 is something different that fans of any genre should try.  Because more important than any singular aspect is the overall feeling of fun is inescapably rare in this industry today.  Recommended.


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