The Bounce #9 Review

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Can this outlandish tale of intrigue still hold your attention nine issues in? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

When the Darling hosts a dinner party, you’d better believe there’s something special on the menu! Meanwhile, the Bounce finds himself public enemy number one! The police are after him! The military is after him! What happens when a superhero head collides with the straight world?!

The Bounce 8_CLet me just say that this is an odd title, that more often than not leaves me scratching my head wondering what’s next. There’s a lot of information thrown our way this outing, as the creative team sees fit to fill in some blanks regarding one of the members of the primary cast. So in other words this is an essential part of the ever growing and complicated arc, so find yourself a nice but quite spot and enjoy.

Joe Casey handles the text for these festivities, and once again he delivers on the weirdness without ever forgetting what kind of superhero story this is. We have our main character, government issues and another dimension where the potential power seems limitless. And right from start, in this particular outing, I was enthralled. There are revelations within the confines of these page, but what in the end is offered up for eager fanboys and fangirls will feel like a natural culmination of prior events.

Despite the strength of the text, for me, the best part of covering this title for UTF is the fact that I get to stare at work done by David Messina. His amazing panels easily bring life to the narrative by infusing it with sensory details that dance the line between realism and the hyper-reality this piece represents. In short, strap yourself in and marvel at the glamorous pieces before you. Trust me you won’t regret it.

The Bounce #9 doesn’t change the trajectory of the series but it yields more than enough to warrant evolution. If you’ve been reading prepare to be rewarded for your efforts. If not than go pick up #1 it’s time to catch up! Recommended.



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