The Bounce #7 Review

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Is this a confrontation worthy of your attention or should you just avoid it altogether?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:


But how does her sordid history tie in with his? Is the world really as dirty as it feels? Only the Darling knows for sure! Watch out — this issue is live like a suicide!

The Bounce 7_CThere’s been some serious twists and turns as this burgeoning property continues to expand from the roots of its initial scope.  A world with super individuals is nothing all that original when it comes to comic books, nonetheless this creative team takes what’s been done and they run with it.  The end result is a compelling journey that sees a worthy villain brought to life with enough subtext to authenticate this outlandish but compelling yarn.

Joe Casey pens the adventure bringing in a lot of detail to a situation that calls for it.  The author grabs the attention of his audience by filling in some necessary gaps while not ignoring the items that have already been brought to the fore.  There’s a lot of lingering questions but the real world mentality of the script keeps it all grounded.  That might seem like an odd statement, but for my money, from beginning to end the scribe impressed me with the players he’s built.  Their interactions feel genuine as solid voices guide the narrative along its path.

The art by David Messina more than fits as the seasoned talent uses his skills to build the correct atmosphere.  With each pencil stroke he gives layers to an already expertly crafted jaunt.  There were a couple key panels where the characters came off rather stiff causing their innate emotions to come into question.  But for the most part these minor instances did very little to sully an otherwise solid affair.

The Bounce #7 proves to me the strength of this piece of fiction, as this release capitalizes on previously mentioned strands while cementing its footing as a franchise that’s worthy of recognition.  Highly recommended.



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