The Bounce #6 Review

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Is there enough substance bubbling to the surface to keep an audience?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:


What has The Darling seen that has changed him forever? Is there anything worse than the death of a hero? And what does that mean for The Bounce and the twisted world he lives in? Meanwhile, The Vamp makes her big move!

The Bounce 6_CAfter some hints then seriously confusing visions the latest release promises developments for the narrative, and to the creative team’s credit they deliver on that front.  There’s a lot to question and understand about this world full of inexplicable occurrences and players so much so that in the end there’s still too much rolling around.  To our protagonist, he’s been through a lot but thankfully he’s still able to bounce back.

Joe Casey births the story with a solid amount of striking character interactions.  He delves in with a decent amount of precision while carrying the weight of all the balls that are sill up in the air.  The scribe easily impressed me with how grounded he kept the bulk of the issue, despite the other world events that keep our superhero in play. The ending battle was fitting, as the cliffhanger will most assuredly get dedicated followers excited as this franchise increases its scope.  In short: grab your costume and get ready for an affair that’s as weird as it is engaging.

The art by David Messina complements the text.  There’s a lot that happens within the framework of this saga but thanks to the steady hands of the talent, the visual side of this equation forms in all the right ways.  From the super powered protagonists to the steady stream of revelations and questions there’s a lot this illustrator has to accomplish and for the most part he nails it.  There’s literally not enough wrong to complain about as he turns in a sterling effort.

The Bounce #6 is a really good comic that continues the narrative.  Fans should be pleased by what they read as this earns a recommendation.



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