BlackAcre #7 Review

In the distant future the fight for humanity continues, but is there enough left that’s worth really struggling for?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

A disgraced leader braces for the fight of his life, a pariah comes to grips with a confounding new world, and a lethal duo sets out to track down an old ghost. Arc two begins here!

No matter what we think, eventually compromise happens and we sacrifice our ideals in order to achieve something.  It doesn’t have to be big, but some day we’re faced with a choice and in the most predictable way possible people accept… especially if it garners something we need.  This latest issue of BlackAcre illustrates that as enemies close in and questions abound.

Duffy Boudreau pens the script and the author keeps the balance of his bleak future combined with the ideals of a compound society in check.  In other words the concept is as engaging as it ever was and despite a few minor narrative missteps, namely the pacing of several of the sequences and some cringe worthy dialogue, the overall package more than works for itself.  The scribe allows for character growth as he slowly but surely begins to play with the burgeoning political intrigue surrounding the people outside and inside the city walls.  If nothing else, it’ll  be interesting to watch.

The stylized but exquisitely rendered work by Wendell Cavalcanti is once again simply astounding.  The level of intricate and yet simple structural design is engaging as the visual component of this literary yarn more than works toward the benefit of this tale.  There were a couple moments where the panels looked a tad bit underutilized as far too much negative space became a bit of an eyesore.  Overall though I was pleased the entire book and I can’t wait to see what the talent does next.

BlackAcre #7 is a welcome addition to this engaging franchise, as each of the intricate but altogether smartly crafted layers give just enough to make this one purchase that should earn a spot on your pull-list.  Recommended.


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