BlackAcre #6 Review

Following the previously released outing does this futuristic fantasy full of action, suspense and political intrigue pull off enough material to yield a narrative that readers should truly keep following?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

A special stand-alone issue taking you to the darkest corners of the Hinterlands. Visions of heaven, the reality of hell… and a secret buried deep in the woods.

Based on the solicitation of the comic book this specific outing does exactly what it sets out to do.  It builds on the foundation of the last five issues while slowly but surely expanding the plot and posing some questions that the creative team will inevitably revisit and answer.  In short what we have here is an engaging tale.

Duffy Boudreau continues his role as series scribe, and in his latest script he allows the text to do just enough to thoroughly excite and tease his already dedicated audience.  Much of this series’ strength has come from the ability of the author to thoroughly play with some accepted tropes usually associated with cults or even beleaguered government workers.  He does that again successfully but there were a few sequences that seemed a bit too light on control which for me did detract from the overall experience.  But nonetheless he still does enough right to warrant your attention.

The art by Wendell Cavalcanti is thoroughly and stylistically structured in a way that ebbs and flows with a spirit that extends beyond the scope of the narrative.  After five brilliantly rendered issues, I’ve come to truthfully appreciate his unique perspectives as it reminds me of classic science fiction and genre defining movies, games and TV shows that shaped much of my childhood.  Yes there are times where things might look a tad bit off but for the most part these momentary lapses do little to sully an otherwise enthusiastic job.

BlackAcre #6 may not be a perfect comic but between the skills of both the illustrator and the writer enough is done right here to garner their audience’s attention.  For that reason this comes recommended.


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