BlackAcre #4 Review

Is this version of a future that allows our world to be segmented and full of danger still a unique enough ride to truly warrant a purchase?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

After a chain of disastrous events, Hull lands in a remote and unforgiving new territory. As Sinclair scrambles to get a handle on the operation from inside BlackAcre’s walls, a powerful rival smells blood.

It’s almost always a fun product to follow the adventures of any character that has to face down a complicated and messed up world that just seems out to get them.  That’s the case here as the creative team quite effortlessly brings their talents to bare in a way that perfectly suits their desired audience.  The only thing that seems to be missing from this particular outing is a good old fashioned shoot out, but I got a hunch that might just be coming around the corner.

The script by Duffy Boudreau does just about everything it needs to in order to keep this consistently engaging narrative entertaining at the very least.  There were some spotty bits of dialogue that threatened to derail the overall quality of this tale but the author displayed his skill as he seamlessly glossed over these instances and embraced the future of what’s to come.  Overall what we have here is an essential part to the inherent story that just wasn’t as exciting as the previous round.

Wendell Cavalcanti continues to handle the pencil work and the extremely talented man brings life to this nightmarish landscape.  From the natural formations to the compound style situations our lead finds himself to be trapped in, this is certainly a well rounded birth of creativity.  There were a few moments where the amount of detail seemed to bog down the panel structure but these were few and far between as they did little to detract from the overall work on display.

BlackAcre #4 is another prime example of how to keep your comic book interesting even if it does take a few minor missteps along the way. Recommended.


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