BlackAcre #11 Review

The second chunk of this futuristic odyssey comes to a close, but is it worthwhile in the end?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:


Sinclair faces exile, Hull scrambles to rescue Lee after the horrific incident at the outpost, and Fawna finally gets Greene in her crosshairs.

First off I just want to say that the above synopsis was very misleading, because I came into this comic book expecting some violent conclusions but much to my chagrin the creative team had other ideas in mind. Let me be frank: there’s were much better.

Duffy Boudreau pens the script and the author does a masterful job by playing with the varying pieces while also executing some masterful maneuvering. He yields something that’s surely going to set-up interesting circumstances for the primary characters as the whole of the franchise evolves.  We have a bit of a shake-up, it’s subtle and slow, but does enough to warrant attention as a remarkable foundation is laid out before us.  It’s not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but in my humble opinion, the dialogue and pacing combine in order to birth a package that contains some of this scribe’s best work to date.

The art by Wendell Cavalcanti was a little wobbly at points but for the most part the illustrator turns in another effort that’s on par with what’s come before.  To the talent’s credit, he’s been the steady rock that’s made this property accessible from the first issue on.  And that tradition continues here in earnest, but there were moments where panel designs came off a bit underwhelming.  Forms seemed rushed and slightly shaky, but beyond that the broad strokes nailed enough of the material to work within the confines of the narrative in a positive fashion.  The overall job did enough to complement instead of undermine the effort.

BlackAcre #11 is a great entry that has a few bumps and bruises.  Nonetheless the comic earns a recommendation from me, as the title enters another shake-up to their status quo.  Recommended.


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