Bionic Woman #5 Review


With a few changes, both good and bad, Bionic Woman #5 continues to create a unique title. Whilst it does distance itself from Bionic Man with its own charm and appeal, it doesn’t always hold up as well as the other comic.

The official description from Dynamite:

When Jaime Sommers comes knocking at OSI Headquarters, will anyone open the door? And while Oscar Goldman and Jaime hash out their troubles, is there division in the enemy ranks? And is there a new love interest for Jaime, coming from an unexpected source? Find out the truth behind it all in an issue where Jaime finds that bullets, luck, and gravity are all playing for wrong team this time.

The first notable difference here is the change in the art. The new artist has a slightly different style, which for the most part is unnoticeable. However, there are a few areas which can be distracting. The art can be very loose and ‘fluffy’ at times. Where as the previous issues had much more tighter lines and ink-work, its loosened up somewhat this time, which might not always suit Bionic Woman’s atmosphere.

Secondly, Jaimee Sommers herself looks completely different. This isn’t just due to the art style. In all previous issues, she had blonde hair. In Bionic Woman #5, however, it varies between shades of brown and orange. A small difference, sure, but one that makes the character much harder to recognize. Given the artistic change, perhaps now wasn’t the best time for to dye her hair; it doesn’t even match the depiction of Sommers on the front cover.

In terms of actual plot, however, there is some sustenance to this issue. There’s a greater focus on who Sommers is after, rather than bland dialogue regarding the “mission”. The bad guys are getting a greater focus, showing that it isn’t a strict case of good vs evil.  There aren’t just two sides, either, as this issue also tries to break up the conflict into various different factions. This certainly gives the series more depth, in addition to more potential for the future.

In short, this isn’t a bad issue for Bionic Woman, but there are enough changes to make it a more daunting read. The art and style changes get in the way of an issue that would otherwise be building on the previous issue’s successes.

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