Beyond Belief #1 is an odd book. As a comic, it’s easy with a simple plot. Yet it’s charms lie in the novetly of its humor. It’s not in-depth reading, but its not lacking either.

The official description from Image:

Based on the hit Nerdist podcast! It’s time to send the little ones to dream land, and set your radio’s dial to “SPOOKY.” Steel yourself for mysterious suspense in… BEYOND BELIEF! Meet Frank and Sadie Doyle, toast of the upper crust! Headliners on the society pages. And oh yes… THEY SEE GHOSTS! Who cares what evil lurks in the hearts of men…unless evil’s carrying the martini tray!

This, in short, is a simple gimmick stretched out into a comic well-sized for it. At its heart, the two

Beyond Belief_1_Cover

main characters are quite flat and one-dimensional, but they are wrapped around an intriguing ghost story which adds a whole other level.  It might not please everyone, but it has that whimisical sense about it that makes for an easy addition to the weekly reading. While it is the first issue, it’s quite easy to enjoy by itself, too.

As far as the writing goes, it’s fairly solid. Ben Acker and Ben Blacker do a great job getting into things, even if the first character occupies the first few pages before mostly being irrelevant. Still opening issue and the writing staff have opened up a not-insignificant amount of potential. Of course, as I said, having a worthwhile ghost story to base the quirky charm on is a definate must.

Visually, the art style suits this not-so-serious approach to storytelling. Phil Hester’s pencils have plenty of detail, but have a fluid nature that adds a more playful tone to events – seen the most, perhaps, in the larger panels and sequences. Add to this an interesting blend of color choices and this comic more or less looks the part.

In short, it’s not perfect but it’s a simple concept executed well. If you’re looking for a quick laugh and a novel concept, Beyond Belife #1 may just be right for you.

  • + Well-written humor
  • + Novel concept
  • + Beautiful artwork
  • - Not a dead-serious, long-term title

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