Before Watchmen: Rorschach #3 Review

I’m not quite sure I like this Before Watchmen schedule.  Two months is a pretty huge gap between issues. Anyways, Rorschach enters his third issue. I’m a huge fan of the character, so I’ve been enjoying the series. The writing and art have both been solid. It’s been a good ride thus far. Honestly though, I am slightly disappointed that this has been more of a ‘Rorschach adventure’ as opposed to giving some insight to his background and character. When the fourth issue comes out, it’ll make this series a good story but disappointing for readers wanting to know more about the Question homage. Now, taking that disappointment away, this series has been very good for what it is. We have the title character hunting down a crime-lord. This being the penultimate issue, big things are expected to happen, and they do. Another very good read from the team of Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo.

Here’s the official description from DC: (I find it funny that the two page backup story gets more of a description than the main part.)

“Brothers, this town is ours…”

Plus, writer/artist JOHN HIGGINS brings you the latest chapter in saga of the CRIMSON CORSAIR!

This issue starts directly after the previous one, with a kick to the door. We see our favorite blotted-mask hero fight off some of Rawhead’s goons and escape. Soon the crime-lord realizes Ror is taking them off one by one, so he devises a plan. Writer Brian Azzarello does a marvelous job with Rorschach’s script. It’s truly a shame this series ends with the next one, I would have liked to see what else he could have done with the character. Rawhide is nothing special, but still better than the usual crime-lord. The only negative aspect in the writing I found was the diner scene. It just didn’t sound or feel right, it felt awkward, (not in a good way) and all the dialogue was a little strange. Other than that, the issue is very solid. The taxi scene is both good and a little forced. The taxi driver’s dialogue is good, the reader gets it, but could have been written better so it came out more natural. Things start to heat up once the power goes dead with Rorschach saying “The city has quit.

Lee Bermejo’s art doesn’t disappoint in the slightest. It is reminiscent of Alex Ross’s style, which is a good thing. There’s a really fantastic shot of Rorschach near the end, as if he were coming right out the panel. There are two covers. The standard one is pretty good, showing the title character as broken wood. Definitely the weakest cover yet in the series. The other cover is a stunning painted one, from the first person view of Ror, a great cover for people that love a retro piece.

Overall, a very good third installment. We get some intense action, Rawhide makes his move, and is another solid story with the title character. Rorschach fans should be reading this comic. Despite being more of a general story than a personal one, it’s a fun tale in the Watchmen universe starring the best (opinion of course) character.


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