Bad Medicine #5 Review

Does the Killing Moon arc end right or does it go out with heaping lump of disappointment?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Oni Press:

“Killing Moon” Part 3 (of 3)

Doctor Randal Horne and Detective Joely Huffman race to solve Deer Falls’ werewolf problem before anyone else gets hurt. But are the citizens of Deer Falls with them or against them?

This is a very entertaining comic book series, chock-full of the same types of honest to goodness storytelling that I look for when picking out a movie or a TV show I want to watch.  From the opening page to the last panel I was thoroughly engrossed by the quality I found here and I honestly can’t wait to cover more issue from this engaging series.

Nunzio DeFilipis and Christina Weir take the time and offer an expansive re-cap page to allow new readers some time to get a general idea about what they’re getting into.  But after that passes you’ll find yourself following a fairly awesome tale centering around a Werewolf town.  Yep, a town… that’s chock-full of Werewolves or things similar to that.  It’s an eerie yet exciting adventure romp that’s full of adrenaline from start to finish, and both writers deserve a whole lot of credit for nailing some very expressive dialogue while finding a pace that worked for this chaotic predicament.

Christopher Mitten also does a splendid job giving up some simplistic but beautiful art.  He honestly hits it out of the park for me, his pencil stokes are full of the right balance of deformity and honesty as they easily meld with the script.  It’s not perfect, because there a few times when the action can be a bit chaotic and I had trouble telling character from character.

Bad Medicine #5 is a very good comic book that’s more than worth your time and money.  This fun but not-so-deep jaunt easily earns a recommendation.


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