Bad Dog #6 Review

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How will Lou handle a terrorist threat? Read on to find out.

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Like all good trips to Vegas, this saga ends in tears and spilled milk. Spend your New Year in a pit of misery and mayhem with Lou and Wendell as they face down the Dairy Queen, her Well-Horned Lord, and Baker the raging jackhole.

bad dog #6Now I have never read any issues from this series before, as despite it looking interesting the shipping schedule always put me off. In saying that the page count does make up for this. The concept of a werewolf bounty hunter is however extremely interesting, with his general nature being very idealistic.

Joe Kelly gives us an exciting and explosive tale that’s both gritty and fun. Kelly also manages to make this very new reader friendly, and despite it being an obvious continuation it didn’t feel necessary to know the previous events to enjoy this issue. I also really enjoyed the down to Earth nature of the main character, and that despite seeming to do the right thing, usually thought of himself first. There was however some slow parts, making the overall pace a little inconsistent, but this wasn’t too damaging to the story.

Diego Greco does a simply phenomenal job of the artwork. He did a fantastic job with the detail throughout. The layouts also managed to add a unique style to the story, with it flowing smoothly. There was also some outstanding action throughout this story, which Greco handled brilliantly, showing it’s lively nature perfectly. The most impressive part of however had to be the amazing colors, which gave the perfect tone then finish to his pencils and inks.

Bad Dog #6 was a great tale as although slightly slow at times it was for the most part exciting and gritty. I highly recommend giving the issue a read.



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  • Kaboomduck

    Thanks for the reassuring review! After a hell of a long break after the fourth issue came out, I finally can decide to get the whole series.