Bad Blood #2 Review

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Will Trick be able to find the vampire who killed his friends? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

An unlikely ally aids our hero in his hunt for vampires. Using her expertise in the seedy underground, they travel to back alleys and dungeon haunts. But when the real vampires attack, will she become another casualty?

Bad Blood #2The first issue of Bad Blood is one of the best openings to a vampire comic that I’ve ever read, and although this issue doesn’t quite reach the same level it was still awesome.

Jonathan Maberry continues to tell the take of Trick a young man who’s dying of cancer and trying to find the vampire that killed his friends. Maberry does a great job of building up the tension and mystery in this issue, showing the determination in Trick brilliantly. On the other hand there wasn’t a huge lot of progression to the main story until the end, and if it wasn’t for the interaction between Trick and Lolly along with the overall tone to Maberry’s script it wouldn’t have been quite as good. In saying that it did build some suspense and the cliffhanger has me hooked for more.

Tyler Crook‘s art was simply outstanding, suiting this story perfectly. The best part of Crook’s artwork was once again his phenomenal colours, with the sharp and vibrant feel being the key factor behind the series amazing tone. The detail and layout of Crook’s art were also fantastic, with the latter helping the issue flow smoother whilst also giving an intense feel to the issue. Crook didn’t stop here, as he’d also handle the emotion and character expression brilliantly, showing the mixture of anger and frustration on Trick perfectly.

Bad Blood continues to build on it’s fantastic opening. It had some fabulous interactions and despite there not being a lot of progression till the end I’d still highly recommend this issue.



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