AVX: Consequences #3 Review

Does the third act in this epilogue really warrant a purchase?  Or is this just another sad attempt at an event cash-in?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

• Spinning directly out of AVX #12, find out what happens next!

• We can’t tell you anything else without spoiling everything AVX!

At the end of the day Avengers vs X-Men was a mishandled saga, from the start all the way to its concluding issue it just never really felt like a cohesive whole.  It had moments of greatness and sheer stupidity, but the end results continue to be engaging enough to keep almost any fan excited for Marvel NOW!  Perhaps it’s the set-up and the promise of this dynamic shift in this storied universe, that makes this series and its attempts to explore some of those plot strands truly worthwhile.

Kieron Gillen throws quite a few balls up in the air with this latest script.  We touch base with several of the major heroes and continue to follow Cyclops in prison, all of which leads to some engaging wordplay and some light action.  Overall the work written here is top-notch, all the characters act and sound as you would expect them to but ultimately the plot doesn’t go anywhere.  By the end of the issue we have a couple new nuggets to digest but nothing that gives this series any clear sense of direction.

Scot Eaton handles the art and he’s more than capable in that regard.  His pencil strokes are perfectly tailored to the Marvel Universe as he shows detailed backgrounds and dynamic angles that perfectly set the script in just the right light.  It should also be mentioned that his character work helps to keep things interesting as he layers them with just enough fluidity to make their interactions somewhat believable.

AVX: Consequences #3 is an issue that’s dripping with unnecessary fluff, but to be honest the creative team handles it well enough that you almost forget that what you’re reading is circling the same ground as the previous two outings.  But this comic book at the end of the day succeeds at entertaining its audience and for that reason this release squeaks by with a recommendation.


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