Ash and the Army of Darkness #3 Review

Ash and the Army of Darkness (banner)

Is Ash and the Army of Darkness a great continuation of the film franchise? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

An old love returns and Ash finds himself with an ally after escaping Wiseman’s City of the Dead. Now the search for the Book of the Dead is on! Only a book and a few words are all the separate the world of the living and the dead and a new war is brewing.

AatAoD #3So far Ash and the Army of Darkness has been a brilliant continuation from Sam Rami’s phenomenal Evil Dead series. It has however still to astonish me. Despite being good it doesn’t feel like it’s going anywhere soon.

That however changed with this issue, as Steve Niles made terrific progression.  He also managed to add in a lot of the charm and tone that made the films great. Niles also does a great job developing the characters in this issue, having some truly entertaining dialogue. The overall pacing of the release could be much better, but it still caries a smooth flow. On top of all this Niles would add a lot of tension and suspense, with the series appearing to build up to something wonderful.

The artwork from Dennis Calero is once again the best thing about this series. The uncanny resemblance between Calero’s art and the films has been what I’ve enjoyed the most whilst reading this series. Calero’s tone and style also continues to add more depth to the title, as the kind of atmosphere that this required. On top of all this the inks and colors shine through, adding more tone to his already amazing artwork.

Ash and the Army of Darkness is starting to become the series that Evil Dead fans deserve, and I for one recommend.



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