Artifacts #31 Review

Is it really all that safe to clean a church that houses the current bearer of the Rapture?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:


Rapture bearer and defrocked priest Tom Judge and Angelus host Finch join forces to stop a primeval force from consuming lower Manhattan. But are they truly battling the spawns of hell—or their own personal demons?

The second part to this arc is here, as the newest resident in the world of the Top Cow universe faces down some serious threats in a church.  What the creative team delivers here is something captivating, and if you’re someone who hasn’t been picking up titles from this company for awhile this combined with Artifacts #30 is a near perfect jump-on point.

In his second to last issue on the title, series scribe Ron Marz offers up something that’s wholly compelling while finishing off entry level details that are suitable.  He successfully works in enough narrative meat to leave the audience with more questions than answers as this crazy little unstable world prepares for some up and coming events that are bound to shake it to its core. The most appealing part of the story however is not the action or suspense, but rather the slow beginning that starts off the festivities with a simple dialogue scene. It’s inviting, natural and to be honest this is the type of character building moments that this author simply excels at.

The art by Jung-Guen Yoon is top notch.  Expertly crafted set pieces, wonderfully designed players are certainly the strong point within these panels but when the action really gets going the talent shows his prowess by making out of this world scenes that are easily followed.  With all the chaos that happens it might have been hard to keep track of the order of events but the brilliant work found here was fluid from the first page to the final panel.

Artifacts #31 is a fitting conclusion to this mini-arc.  It develops a side character and leads into what should be an engrossing end to this era.  Highly recommended.


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