AQUAMAN Teams Up With THE OTHERS In New Series


If you had asked me a couple years ago if Aquaman would be the star of two books from DC (not counting Justice League), I’d would have said you were out of your freaking mind! Still, that’s the wonder of what the New 52 has done for Aquaman’s image. He’s gone from being from the butt of many a joke (that Superfriends image is still stuck in everyone’s mind) to being one of DC’s ultimate bad-asses, and now we’ll be getting a double dose of him each month.

In addition to his current monthly title, DC has announced that Aquaman will headline the new book Aquaman and the Others, which will be written by Dan Jurgens and penciled Lan Medina and Ed Tadeo. The book will have the King of the Seven Seas working with The Others as they are “hunted by a mysterious foe who wants the golden Atlantean artifacts that give them their powers.”


For those who don’t know, in the New 52 The Others was the team that Aquaman worked with before he joined the Justice League. As seen on the cover, the group currently consists of Aquaman, The Operative, Prisoner-of-War, Ya’wara, and recent addition Sky. Deceased members include Kahina the Seer and Vostok-X, who were killed by Black Manta during the second arc of Geoff Johns’ run. Ya’wara left the group in Aquaman Annual #1, so it’ll be interesting to see how the circumstances in which she rejoins the team.


The story for the opening arc sounds a lot like when Black Manta attempted to steal the Atlantean artifacts, but other than that I’m excited to see what this book has to offer. Considering that most of the New 52 books star characters that have been around for decades, not to mention half of which star Batman and Superman, I’m glad DC is devoting attention to these newcomers and boosting Aquaman up even more.

One complaint I have: why isn’t Star Wars scribe John Ostrander writing this book? He’s been penning the solo Others stories that have appeared in issues of Aquaman. While I’m hoping that Jurgens does a good job with the book, I would have preferred Ostrander write it since he’s more established with the characters.

Regardless, The King of the Seas is on his way to becoming one of DC’s most popular superheroes, so it makes sense that he’s getting more coverage in the comics. Now give us those animated and live-action movies already!