Amazing Spider-Man #695 Review

Spider-Man‘s world is going through some changes lately, perfect time for things to get even more complicated!  But is this latest release worth your time and money?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

• Dark times are coming for Peter Parker and change is closer than you even fear.

• As we aim headlong to ASM #700, The Kingpin ‘s latest plan turns one of Spider-Man’s greatest strengths against him.

• Hobgoblin is back…but his days may be numbered as the past sharpens its blades.

Following the rather lackluster ending to the “Alpha” story line  our hero must now attempt to deal with some identity issues.  With the arrival of the original Hobgoblin, the presence of the current Hobgoblin, the emergence of an article directly linking Peter Parker to Spider-Man thereby calling into question the stability of the mystical spell to hide our heroes identity… things are getting rather chaotic.  The end result is a simply thrilling issue that highlights the best aspects associated with this spectacular corner of the Marvel Universe.

Dan Slott and Christos Gage deliver a fantastic script that perfectly builds on some earlier story arcs.  The seamless way the writers build on previous plots while fighting off some serious camp to embrace some logical conclusions goes a long way in selling the authenticity of this act.  First and foremost the best thing about this issue is the dialogue.  From start to finish, each character sounds and acts perfectly as pieces move forward on the proverbial invisible chess board that’s slowly setting the stage for Amazing Spider-Man #700.

Giuseppe Camuncoli does a fine job on the art delivering panels that simply rock while maintaining his own personal level of quality.  The recurring artist offers-up detailed characters, beautifully rendered backgrounds and an astonishing splash-page that shows not just the future of Spider-Man but the Marvel Universe.  My only gripe is there are some moments where faces look a tad bit off and I’ll be honest it did take me out of the reading experience.

Amazing Spider-Man #695 is a very good issue that will please series fans as they enter the “Danger Zone.”  Recommended.


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