All New X-Men Review #2

The First Class have arrived in the future. Will they like what they see?

Here is the summary from Marvel:

Professor X’s five original students have been flung from the past to present day. While they cope with an unimaginable future (especially considering the fallout of AVX), how will today’s X-Men justify their actions to their past selves?

Showing why this is one of Marvel NOW’s premiere titles, this issue moves a bit smoother than the first one, as the original 5 X-Men actually go to the present in this issue. What we get is an interesting continuation of the story as we see how the past reacts to the present. We also get more insight on Beast as he goes to his next and possibly final mutation.

Brian Michael Bendis continues to craft another piece of the new X-Puzzle, he doesn’t sew seeds that will pay off in later issues, but instead lets the story flow evenly from issue to issue. The only plot point that is really set up is Beast’s mutation but even that is in the forefront rather than the back ground. It’s not as text heavy as most Bendis’s stories which is a good thing because this is a issue that doesn’t need much explanation. instead focusing on the First Class’ reaction to the future and hot much things have changed. Wolverine’s reaction to them is pretty amusing, while also giving a small panel on his reaction to seeing Jean again.

Stuart Immonen has really clicked with Bendis since this series started. Succeeding in doing excellent pencil work, showing the emotions of each of the characters, also showing the determination of the First Class as they realize what they have to do. He also adds great detail to each of the characters, with bold dynamic lines, and also giving a nice look to the powers as they are being used. Von Grawbadger’s colors also continue to do good work, each one eye-catching.

All New X-Men does good this week by picking up more steam as the story moves forward. Bendis writes like he’s been here before while also adding his own touch to the series. This is a great story to pick up if you haven’t chosen a NOW title yet. Recommend



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