All New X-Men #10 Review

Scott Summers & his X-Men have come knocking on the Jean Grey’s school’s door. How will the 1st class handle this? More importantly, will Logan be able to resist gutting the mutant leader?

Here is the summary from Marvel:

The Uncanny X-Men come to the Jean Grey School to recruit.Who will join Cyclops and his revolutionary crew?  The answer will shock you! Mystique and Sabretooth continue to hatch their master plan and it doesn’t bode well for the All-New X-Men.

The Uncanny X-Men have come to the Jean Grey school, and it just so happens to be draft day for the intrepid mutant revolutionaries. The first class once again clashes with their counterparts (albeit verbally) while the whole school comes out to spectate. They claim that they will protect the school, despite the staff’s protests, and they will train any who come with them to fight back. Meanwhile, Mystique and her companions (Sabretooth & Lady Mastermind) continue their robbing spree, but now they have Maria Hill on their tail.

Brian Michael Bendis’ story continues to hit the right notes. The dialogue between the Jean Grey school and the Uncanny team flows well and moves the story forward as it gives the 1st class some things to think about. Young Scott gets a bit more development as he still is coming to terms with that he will become. One thing I found interesting in this issue was when Jean stopped Logan from attacking Cyclops; she called him by his real name, James, it may not mean anything I just found it interesting since it was a more personal than calling him Logan. There is some humorous bits in this issue as well, mostly coming from young Iceman’s comments, and Quentin Quire’s constant instigating.

Stuart Immonen’s art continues to impress and hits all the right visual cues. There a few nice panels in this issue (one of them being the Uncanny team getting eaten by Krakoa before spitting them out). Immonen excels at splash pages in my opinion as everyone he has drawn for the series are standouts in their own right. Wade Von Grawbadger’s colors also help the artwork pop without overshadowing the dialogue.

All New X-Men #10 is a bit better than last issue, and once again focuses more on plot development than all out action. This is one thing Bendis is good at (see Age of Ultron for reference) his stories, while containing suatainable action, are a slow build; but they usually lead to a worthy pay off, which I’m sure this one will follow in suit.




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