Alan Robert’s Killogy #4 Review



This is a book that came at me out of left field, and while I get the dark comedy aspect of Killogy, is it worth your time?

Official description from IDW:

Frank Vincent, Markey Ramone and Brea Grant take on the zombie apocalypse in this blood-soaked dark comedy. The uber-violent grand finale grabs the undead by the cannolis.

Creator Alan Robert takes an approach with Killogy that I have not seen often and I have mixed reactions to the end product. The premise that these celebrities are on the run from a zombie apocalypse is nothing new but the plot device that these zombies can’t be killed by a head shot raises the stakes significantly. The art of this book is unique and Robert’s style gives it almost a sense of newsprint painted in bold splashes of color and monotones. It’s a great piece of art and he understands the use of a strong color palette. The gore and action are done well too and if you love a good blood-soaked zombie fight you should definitely give it a look.

Where the conflict is for me is in the use of the likenesses of Frank Vincent, Markey Ramone and Brea Grant. While they are fun and add some value to the comedy aspect I’m just not sure it was necessary to sell the story. Roberts gets Vincent’s wise-guy tone spot on and it adds the most comedic value. Markey Ramone is a fun visual but doesn’t lend more than that and Grant could have been anyone. And that’s the rub. The story would have been just as effective if these where characters or original creation. I get why but Robert could have sold it all on his skills as a creator alone.

If you like a good horror-comedy with great art Killogy is well worth your time. If you are a fan of Vincent, Ramone and Grant then it may be better, you may get an extra laugh, but for my money I would have like to have seen an all original take from Robert. He’s definitely got it in him.


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