Abe Sapien #6 – Review

There’s no rest for weary. Right after the events of Abe Sapien: Dark and Terrible and The New Race of Man, issue #6 of this new ongoing series pushes one of B.P.R.D’s most beloved characters right into a new adventure. And, man, does it requires a ton of set-up.

Here’s the official word from Darkhorse:

Abe uncovers connections between the hell on earth he and the B.P.R.D. are experiencing, and blood-soaked Mayan legends of the origins of man and the end of the world.

It’s about time Abe got his own on-going series — he’s freaky enough to keep horror fans engaged, and smart enough to play a consummate sleuth, as he does in issue #6 of his new-ish series Abe Sapien. Literally a fish out of water, Abe finds himself in the deserts of the Southwest with potential B.P.R.D recruit Elena, who’s filling him in on a Mayan creation myth full of monsters and shamen. Abe plays the part of reluctant hero well — mostly listening and occasionally challenging the stories that Elena offers.

If you’re looking for shit to blow-up, or monsters to eat babies, you might be disappointed with this issue. Mike Mignola and Scott Allie are delicately laying the groundwork for what appears to be a larger set-up, but they do it well and the result is a satisfying bridge issue. The only real drawback is the overt and kinda crazy overuse of Spanglish, which I suspect the writers added to provided a feel of authenticity. But it feels forced and mostly fake, especially if you’ve spent time in border towns.

Sebastián Fiumara’s art is gorgeous, and might be the real treat of this issue. He offers some absolutely stunning panels of Abe in all his strange glory, giving special attention the anatomical quirks that a real man-fish might possess. It’s a treat to see.

Even though Abe Sapien #6 feels like a bridge issue, it’s a rich one, with plenty of good story and some beautiful art.


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