A CHEW TV Adaptation Might *Actually* Happen Now

Back in 2011 it was announced that Showtime was planning to adapt John Layman and Rob Guillory’s Chew as a TV series, but just this February Layman tweeted the sad news that it wasn’t happening after all.

But now, they’ve got Hollywood on the case, with Quality Transmedia’s Jeff Krelitz planning to bring both animated and live-action adaptations of the hard-boiled cibopath detective Tony Chu to the small screen. And it’s about damn time! According to Hollywood Reporter, Krelitz is currently in talks with studios about the live-action version.

Frankly, as amazing as it would be to see Ken Leung mean mugging as Tony Chu, Chew gets seriously gross on like… every page. It might be a lot to stomach to watch a real live, non-caricatured human valiantly chow down on corpses. But, then again….awesome. I mean…The Walking Dead (actually, what is it with Image Comics and eating people?).

This venture seems long overdue if you ask me. Chew has been a major hit in the comics world and even outside of it. Several of the bound paperback collections of the comic have topped the New York Times’ bestseller lists. Also, a TV series with a leading (and seriously bad-ass) Asian-American hero? Yes, please! Not to mention that the comic is simply way waaay worthy. It’s actually disgusting, how much I love this comic.

If you’re one of the few who hasn’t yet graced your life with this insanely creative, hilarious and disgusting comic… The story follows FDA detective Tony Chu who has a uniquely useful ability in a world where bird flu has taken a mighty chunk out of the population –Tony Chu can get psychic visions of the history of anything he ingests… anything. Actually, except beets for some reason. So when he noms on big baddies or victim’s rotting corpses, he’s practically Sherlock Holmes, and he’s got quite the supporting cast of villains and heroes with their own unique abilities…

Anyway, as Layman himself said on twitter: “We think there is less chance for Hollywood to fuck it up if we pursue a CHEW animated route.” This might *actually* happen this time around.

via. Hollywood Reporter


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