2000AD #1905 Review


2000AD_1905Why stop a good thing? 2000AD #1905 continues to offer the line-up we’ve been use to the last few weeks. Inside we have Judge Dredd, Stickleback, Greysuit, Ichabod Azrael and Kingdom. Let’s take a look at what each one has to offer.

First up is Judge Dredd, with more of John Wagner’s current plot. Wagner’s script is good at offering suspense. For everything it resolves, it teases something new. It may be getting a bit old, but right now it’s enjoyable and Carlos Ezquerra’s artstyle offers a distinctive atmosphere to the piece.

Next up is Stickleback. Ian Edginton writes a piece that toys with action, yet ultimately decides to stick to its London charms and wittier dialogue – a choice I feel is likely for the best. It’s not the most in-depth of scripts, but D’Israeli’s artwork makes it enjoyable nonetheless.

Thirdly, there’s more Greysuit. Here, Pat Mills begins to work in greater plot elements and really drives the whole story forward. This makes for a satisfying read and, alongwith the interesting work of John Higgins – and the dull colors of Sally Higgins – I look forward to seeing more.

After this comes Ichabod Azrael. This series has been very interesting and Rob William’s script continues to offer excitment, satisfaction and mystery. It delivers on nearly every front and, while Michael Dowling’s style won’t please everyone, his black and white artwork adds a tense atmosphere to the work.

Finally, we round this issue off with further Kingdom. Dan Abnett continues to offer plenty of action, but once again stalls when it comes to providing plot detail or any sort of background information. It’s interesting, but starting to feel repetitive, even if Richard Elson’s pencils, alongside Abigail Ryder’s colors, make for a stunny display.


  • + Ichabod Azrael is awesome!
  • + Greysuit continues to get interesting
  • - Stickleback and 'Dredd offer very little
  • - Kingdom is getting repetitive

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