2000AD #1876 Review


2000ad-1876As always, 2000AD aims to deliver and 2000AD #1876 offers much of what we’ve come to expect in the last few issues, with plenty of Judge Dredd, Outlier, Slaine, Sinister Dexter and Jaegir. Let’s take a better look at each.

First up is Judge Dredd. John Wagner brings us plenty of development in this tense thriller, although many, if not all, of the big details are still kept in the dark for now. Likewise, Colin Macneil offers some suitable art, which is very dark and broody throughout.

This is followed by more Outlier. T.C Eglinton starts to offer more back-story here, with a flash back that sets up much of the premise for the present – which does help add context. Karl Richardson also comes into his own here, as the more vibrant setting makes greater use of his artwork and visual style.

Third, we have Slaine. Like the last few issues, Pat Mills continues to set the scene with background and character rather than action. Still, it makes for an interesting read and the artwork of Simon Davis is worth a look by itself.

Next up is Sinister Dexter. Dan Abenett starts to introduce the action, with plenty of set-ups and stand-offs that effortlessly suits the title. While I think Sinister Dexter has looked better (and in color), Smudge’s art holds up in this issue with clear definition and contrast to set the tone.

Finally, 2000AD #1876 closes with some more Jaegir. Gordon Rennie moves the plot along with a quick, flowing montage that sets the tone, although shuffles past most of the story at times. While the pacing is questionable, Simon Coleby provides the gory style of artwork we’ve come to expect from the title.

  • + Judge Dredd gets tense
  • + Dan Abnett ramps up the Sinister Dexter action!
  • + Slaine looks amazing
  • - Still not behind Jaegir or Outlier 100 per cent...

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