2000AD #1841 Review


This week’s issue of 2000AD #1841 certainly has a lot to offer. Inside we have Judge Dredd, Defoe, Age Of The Wolf III, Sinister Dexter and The Ten-Seconders. Let’s take a closer look.

First up, as usual, is Judge Dredd, and this issue see’s the conclusion to John Wagner’s story. All in all, I’m satisfied with this issue; not everything needs to be solved in a hail of bullets. It adds more weight to Dredd’s character, whilst Dave Taylor offered a beautiful depiction of Mega City One, offering glimpses of lighter hues in the murky greys and browns.

Second is more Defoe. This continues the unique script from Pat Mills, rich in flavor and, at times, convoluted lore and back stories. Still, this issue is highly enjoyable, if not a little over the top at the end. Fortunately, there’s always Leigh Gallagher’s striking, black and white artwork to set the gothic tones.

Next up is Age Of The Wolf III. Similar to Defoe, this is title with a past, but Alec Worley doesn’t let this spoil the story. What isn’t told in simple exposition dialogue doesn’t matter; the general point is easy to pick up as the plot becomes more and more interesting in it’s own right. Jon Davis-Hunt further offers bright, colorful depictions, which still suit the bloody and darker nature when it needs to.

After this is more Sinister Dexter. This is a new story, following on from the last, but Dan Abnett shift’s the perspective away from last weeks main character. This brings new characters and a new atmosphere, since nobody is talking to themselves. It also depicts another side of the setting, which goes well with the shift in artist. Simon Davies always offers beautiful visuals, and his colorful depictions here suit the setting perfectly, offering a vibrant, beautiful, yet not-quite-right aesthetic.

Finally, we have The Ten-Seconders.  Rob Williams offers an interesting story that gets more and more interesting as the fast-paced story jumps from point to point. It goes well with the art of Edmund Bagwell, who can offer gloomy visuals and epic scale shock-and-awe when it’s needed as well.



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