2000AD #1840 Review


As usual, we have another issue of 2000 AD. This week, in 2000AD #1840, we have Judge Dredd, Defoe, Sinister Dexter, Age Of The Wolf III and The Ten-seconders.

Judge Dredd continues as John Wagner writes  a dark and moody tale that halls back to older sci-fi and, of course, the original Judge Dredd. The dialogue between the two antagonists is a particular strong point. Likewise, the artwork of Dave Taylor helps sell the story, offering dark yet beautiful glimpses into the underworld of Mega City One.

Next up is Defoe. Straight away we have the stylistic, gothic-esque artwork of Leigh Gallagher. That said, Pat Mills script is becoming rather convoluted. I like the idea, but there is far too much dialogue referencing stuff in the world that I , or the average reader, doesn’t know about or simply understand. Too much exposition can be a bad thing.

After this is more Sinister Dexter. Dan Abnett continues to offer a rich script with self-narration courtesy of an anti-hero who’s more than a little mad. Throw in some beautiful artwork from John Burns and this still proves to be a recipe for success.

This is followed by the start of Age Of The Wolf III. This issue follows previous story lines, so it might confuse new readers somewhat. The setting is somewhat unique but, as Jon Davis-Hunt’s artwork shows, might not suit everyone’s tastes. That said, Alec Worley is offering a tempting storyline so far.

Finally, we end with part two of The Ten-seconders. Rob Williams further explores this unique setting which is depicted well by the beautiful art work of Edmund Bagwell; there is a strong attention to detail and, where it counts, epic vastness, that really suits the themes and style of this title.


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