2000AD #1822 Review


Another week, and another issue of 2000AD. We have some of the usual suspects in 2000AD #1822, with Judge Dredd, Ampney Crucis Investigates, The Red Seas, Futureshocks and Savage. Let’s take a closer look at each.

Judge Dredd closes off the current arc. Whilst its a little abrupt – its not made entirely clear just what deal Dimitry was ever offered (maybe its not even relevant) – it does get its point across. The prejudice themes and motifs running throughout are presented well. As for Dredd himself, he does what he normally does; walking around looking angry.

The plot comes to an end with Ampney Crucis Investigates. A lot gets explained, but not everything. There is certainly the possibility to return. Given the unique, quirky setting and the wonderful artwork, this is something few would object too. The dialogue does get a little technical here, and wouldn’t sound out of place in a Doctor Who episode.

Next is The Red Seas. This is a very short segment this week, but its full of flavor and atmosphere. The Red Seas lore isn’t the easiest to grasp, but this does a good job at giving a sense of the atmosphere (hint: its not very positive).

After this there is a Futureshocks for this week. This definitely stands out of this issue. Whilst, at face value, its a light story with a little humor, the story is very well-rounded and got surprising depth for its length. As for the artwork, the almost cartoon-esque style suits the story perfectly.

Finally, we also ave Savage. This is a very well written segment. The war-themes, from both sides of the conflict, are expressed very well here, both on a political and personal, human level. Again, this is matched well with the gritty black and white art style that suits the themes of the story.


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