2000AD #1799 Review


As always, 2000 AD brings a host of various comics together. This week sees the continuations of Judge Dredd, Lenny Zero, Aquila, Tharg’s 3rillers and The Grievous Journey Of Ichabod Azrael.

First up, as always, is Judge Dredd. This week follows on from the last issue, showing the aftermath of the new drug on the population. This issue is surprisingly great, offering a perspective on the titular judge and his ability to kill.

Next up is the end of Lenny Zero. This series has been a good run. It provided a new take on Mega City One. Whilst some might not like the ending, its was certainly a thrilling ride from start to finish. Whilst it could of been longer, and had potential to go into more depth, I would still be interested in seeing this return at a later date.

Following this is Aquila. This title has come into its own recently, with the main character becoming all the more vengeful and definable.The mythological and historical side of this title may make it confusing for some, but at its heart Aquila has a lot going for it, as this week’s sampling shows.

After this comes the end of the current Tharg’s 3rillers. This current story has been interesting. Whilst it hasn’t been the most original story, its been touching. The artwork alone is great, and the story is interesting none the less. The last page in particular serves as a great ending to any story, if a little cheesy.

Finally, there is The Grievous Journey of Ichabod Azrael. This title takes a new direction here, opting for black and white art. I’m normally not a fan of this, but it suits the title. Set in the underworld, this issue starts to explore much more of the mythological side of the story. It also gives readers the confrontation between Azrael and Charon that’s been at the heart of the title’s run.


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