2000AD #1794 Review

Another week brings another sampling of 2000AD. As with every issue, 2000AD #1794 has a wide variety of titles, so let’s get stuck in.

First up, as always, is Judge Dredd. This current arc is certainly interesting, with a large block going independent from Mega-City One. The main intrigue here is in the dialogue and reasons behind the action and large explosion sequences. By declaring their independence, the citizens are no longer under Mega-City One jurisdiction, and this issue explores the downsides to that choice.

Next is The Red Seas. This title is interesting, if still rather confusing. Yet this all somehow adds to its charm, its a story that never quite gives the ‘rules’ to the reader. Its fascinating, but the black and white art style often leaves more to be desired; I’m fine with the colour choice, but more definition or detail might help in certain areas.

Following this is Aquila. This week’s sample is an interesting read, focusing on two characters sneaking into a roman base. The dialogue is funny at times, which makes the title more interesting. Yet the dynamic between characters, as well as the magic and mythological themes, is what makes this title stand out.

There is also the return of the Grievous Journey of Ichabod Azrael. This might be the best issue of Azrael yet. Now that it makes more sense, the time jumping aspects make for a worthy read. Watching the same characters react to different time periods makes for interesting reading. Of course the whole back story regarding Charon adds a touch of drama and impending doom to the whole story, which stops things from ever getting too dull.

Finally, Lenny Zero continues its unique depiction of Mega City One. The story itself is very interesting, full of intrigue, espionage and various plotting. The depiction of both the criminal underworld and the social scenes in Mega City One all show aspects that don’t commonly feature in Dredd unless they’re being shot up. In short, its fairly impressive and insightful. The latest developments in the plot further make this title an exciting read to watch out for in the future.




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