2000AD #1792

Despite the loss of Nikolai Dante, 2000AD is still going strong thanks to some new titles and continuation of the current inclusions.

First up, as always, is Judge Dredd. This weeks issue shows more trouble in Mega City One. Similar to previous issues, the current plots have shown the different sides and facets of Mega City One. This week highlights the further themes of the Judges and their inability to protect the city. With a whole block going independent, this weeks Judge Dredd offers more insight and depth into the citizens of the city.

Next is The Red Seas. This title is both unusual and fascinating. The plot follows Windsor and Newton, two “Investigators of Oddness”. Set in some alternative reality where curses, magic, fortune telling and other odd quirks exist, the investigative themes and plot offer a unique and intriguing story. The art work is very undefined, and in black and white, which might bother some, but it occasionally adds to the charm.

Following this is Aquila. This title focuses on older, more historical times. Set in 69AD, it follows the conflicts involving gods and warriors. The titular character, Aquila, is an invulnerable warrior. Whilst its clearly not science fiction related, I always appreciate when 2000AD takes something interesting and well thought out none the less.

After this comes the continuation of The Grievous Journey of Ichabod Azrael. Now that the back story involving Azrael, Charon and the other cast is better understood, I’m enjoying this title more and more.

Finally, this issue ends with the launch of Lenny Zero. This title is set in the same universe as Judge Dredd. In the heart of Mega City One, Lenny Zero follows the titular Lenny. The character and, thus, the title, shows the opposing side to the judges. With Lenny wanting to rob the Judges, the title offers a classic gangsta or crime thriller theme on the familiar setting. With plenty of atmosphere and tone, this is certainly looking promising. Also, if you can’t guess from the front cover, there’s a talking polar bear.

In short, 2000AD #1792 is a perfectly good issue. With some new titles on display, as well as some excellent regulars, its still a very good deal for one magazine.


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