2000AD #1790 Review

Another week, and 2000AD offers a fresh mix of British sci-fi comics.

First up, as always, is Judge Dredd. This is a pleasant change from usual Dredd story lines, focusing more on dialogue than action. Taking place between Judge Dredd and an accountant, the interesting dialogue explores Dredd’s opinions and views on street Judges and those who aren’t street Judges. What makes it more interesting is that the whole conversation is set in the backdrop of some operation, with Dredd casually shooting and killing various criminals. Its a little humorous, sure, but it also highlights Dredd’s character.

Moving on, Durham Red wraps up the latest arc. It certainly highlights the more interesting concepts in the running title, but I can’t help but feel everything is wrapped up too quickly. Still, this leaves ample opportunities for the next arc and plot developments.

Likewise, the return of Tharg’s 3rillers continues the unique and gripping story. Whilst, this time, its a little more clear that the “allies” are actually aliens, the alternative setting of this series is explored in more depth, with the plot thickening as a result. With occasional hints to celebrities at the time, such as George Orwell, this title is still making good impressions, although i’m sure many readers wouldn’t mind actually seeing the “allies”. Then again, a good story knows when to keep the audience in suspense.

In a similar vein, The Grievous Journey of Ichabod Azrael makes similar developments. It further develops the loose concepts that weren’t very well explained previously. There is a lot of mythology here, regarding the hunter and the hunted, suggesting some never ending cycles that add some depth and mythology to the setting and characters.

However, it is the penultimate issue of Nikolai Dante that is sure to grab the most attention. Following on from the previous issue, this is a gripping episode that is full of suspense and dialogue. I’m pleasantly surprised that its not all action. Rather than going out guns blazing, the dialogue between two enemies over a game of Russian roulette offers much suspense and excitement, as well as squeezing out the last possible character development possible. In short, Nikolai Dante is going out with a bang, but not how I would of expected it.

Needless to say, I will definitely be looking forward to next weeks 2000AD.

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