GOAT SIMULATOR Getting New Multiplayer Mode

As part of UnleashTheFanboy’s eagle eye watch for anything “Simulator” related, we bring you the latest news on everything Goat Simulator.

A new multiplayer mode has been an announced for “The World’s Dumbest Game” which was released April 1 to critical acclaim.

The new mode will be released as part of an update patch which will be available next month. The update will be free and it will add a new map, new playable goats and a local split-screen multiplayer.

Now imagine TWO goats in space.

Creator Armin Ibrisagic said in a press release:

“A lot of people have been asking for DLC with new maps for Goat Simulator, but we would feel bad charging people for DLC content when people can just download new stuff for free from the Steam Workshop, so we decided to do a free update instead.”

The statement comes as a shock to this intrepid reporter and others at the UnleashTheFanboy news room because a game developer “feeling bad” for charging people for content is something completely unheard of in 2014. As such, UnleashTheFanboy has sent its best investigative journalism team to Sweden where developer Coffee Stain Studios operates.

Attempting to enter the main office, our team was barred by a security team of buff and tough, yet adorable goats saying “Baaaaaaah! Go awaaaayyyy!” citing what happened the last time our team was there.

Our team had no choice but to comply because those goats were just so adorable. But because UnleashTheFanboy is dedicated to offering good human interest news, our team decided to get statements from people on the street about the new multiplayer mode.

Sally Jenkins, 43, said that she “would love to play Goat Simulator with her kids now that there a multiplayer.” Showing us a picture of her eldest child, 25, she added “I think there is nothing more educational than a simulated goat causing casual chaos and destruction in a suburban town.”

Approaching a young man sitting at a coffee shop, our team attempted to speak to him about Goat Simulator when he cut them off and said:

“Are you calling me a goat? How dare you? If I play GTA does that make me a violent murderer? If I play Goat Simulator does that make me a goat?”

When our team tried to answer him, he cut them off again and added, “Wow. That’s sad. That was a rhetorical question, you goats!”

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Source: IGN