Dumbest Game Of All Time Gets Release Date

Self-described as “The world’s dumbest game” by its creators, truer words have never been spoken.

Coffee Stain Studios just announced today the release date for its surprisingly highly anticipated game, Goat Simulator – April 1st, 2014 on Steam platforms.

Yes, the Swedish studio that brought you such classics as Sanctum, the FPS Tower Defense game and I Love Strawberries.

According to their official website, Coffee Stain Studios is “not the regular game developer, and we will not follow the regular path of one. Our goal is to have a lot of fun, while making great products.”

And they were not joking – this Goat Simulator thing isn’t as ridiculous as it sounds, there is something serene and beautiful about a goat jumping off a skyscraper with their tongue attached to a chair.

Having never before heard of any gaming studio crazy enough to successfully pull something like this off, UnleashTheFanboy decided to send its investigative reporting team to Sweden to investigate the situation.

Following the address UTF managed to hack from their website by scrolling down to the bottom of the webpage, they were led to the studio’s main office. From there, they were able to find that all was normal in the studio; computers, desks, water-coolers, telephones, but no goats.

The team approached the young receptionist, who didn’t seem to notice us coming in, and asked, “We’re the press! We demand to know where you’re keeping the goats!” slamming their fists on the desk in unison.

The receptionist balked at them before pushing a button on the intercom and called “Security!”

Before they knew what was going on, our team were being escorted out of the room by a trio of adorable goats in uniforms. They said that the goats looked so adorable that they politely packed up their equipment and left the building with no resistance.

Players can pre-order the game for $10 USD which will give them access to the game three days before its official release.

For all you crazy Goat enthusiasts out there, you can find this soon-to-be masterpiece of gaming on April 1st on Steam platforms.