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Tokyo Ghoul – “Dove” Review

Kaneki has been taken in by Anteiku, but can they help him adjust to his new circumstances? Spoilers Ahead! Kaneki begins learning about Ghoul society thanks to Yoshimura, but he still has a lot to learn about blending in. When a mother and her daughter come to Anteiku seeking refuge, Kaneki and the others soon […]

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Argevollen – “Awakening” Review

After finding the mysterious Argevollen, Tokimune and his comrades attempt to exite the combat zone, but will they make it? Read on to find out. After successfully defeating their pursuers, Tokimune and the others make their way to their next rendevous point. The only problem is that it’s through a tunnel. With the enemy continuing […]

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Tokyo ESP – “White Girl” Review

From the creator of  “Ga-rei” comes a brand new action series, but can this one distance itself from it’s counterpart? Calamity hits Tokyo as a mysterious group of Espers take control of Japan’s Diet (Japan’s national bicameral legislature) and declare war on all of humanity. As violence continues to escalate throughout the city, another group […]

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