Summer of Anime 7/10/14

Well folks summer is upon us, you know what that means: beaches, babes, sun, fun, and anime! That’s right the summer anime season is upon us and we here at UTF are here to bring you the cream of the crop of this season’s animated offerings. We’ve assassins, giant robots, deadly video games, planetary wars, blood sucking monsters, and dandy guys in space. Now come in from out the sun, relax, turn on that computer and get to watching.

Warning: All Reviews contain minor to major spoilers

Akame Ga Kill – Kill the Darkness


At best the first episode of Akame Ga Kill will shock you, at worst it will make you uncomfortable. While the tonal shift isn’t completely out of left field, it may be disorienting for some. That being said, it’s well directed violence, animation, and character design will keep you interested long enough for continued viewing.

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Argevollen – Encounter

Argevollen 1

Argevollen is about as generic and bland as the color gray. While boasting some decent animation and halfway passable action scenes, there is little to nothing to keep one invested in this paint by numbers mech show. It seems like it might have some halfway ambitious ideas, but they are piled beneath ten feet of “been there, done that.”

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Sailor Moon Crystal – “Usagi – Sailor Moon”

SMC 1.5

SMC 1.3Is Sailor Moon Crystal a worthy revamp of the legendary franchise? Judging by the first episode I would say yes. Will it gain any new fans? Most likely not, but that’s really up for the viewer to decide. One thing is for sure, Sailor Moon is back and is ready to take the world by storm once again.

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Sword Art Online II – “Gun World”

SAO II 1.1

With the wheels beginning to turn, SAO II so far looks to be heading in the right direction, but only time will tell if it will succeed the first season or shoot itself in the foot (sorry, couldn’t resist).

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Aldnoah.Zero – “Princess of Vers”

AZ 1.5

Aldnoah.Zero looks to be one of the best shows this season, that is if it can keep itself under control and not get caught up too much in self-importance. Although, with Urobuchi at the helm it has the makings of another thought provoking series.

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Tokyo Ghoul – “Tragedy”

TG 1.3

All in all the first outing of Tokyo Ghoul gives the show potential to be a stand out of the season and could be a worthy watch for fans of the horror genre. With plenty of questions to be answered and plenty of blood to be spilled, Tokyo Ghoul is a show to be the watch list.

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Space Dandy – “I Can’t Be The Only One, Baby”


“I Can’t Be The Only One, Baby” starts the second season off with a bang and if this episode any indication, Space Dandy is going to have another great season, baby.

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