Tokyo Ghoul – “Dove” Review

Kaneki has been taken in by Anteiku, but can they help him adjust to his new circumstances? Spoilers Ahead!

Kaneki begins learning about Ghoul society thanks to Yoshimura, but he still has a lot to learn about blending in. When a mother and her daughter come to Anteiku seeking refuge, Kaneki and the others soon find themselves involved in something much deeper than they realize and the peace of the 20th ward may be forever shattered.

TG 3.1

Waves are beginning to form in the world of Tokyo Ghoul, and it seems the shock waves will definitely have an impact on our characters in future episodes.

Kaneki continues to get used to his life as a half-ghoul and for the most part he is adjusting well enough thanks in part to Yoshimura and the employees of Anteiku. While he and Toka still have an uneasy relationship with one another, Kaneki still tries his best to appeal to her warmer side (which she occasionally shows him) and understand her. He slowly begins learning the ins and outs of Ghoul society when Yoshimura sends him “Food Shopping” with Yomo. This is where Kaneki learns that Anteiku “shop for food” by eating humans who have committed suicide, seeing it as the best option to feed ghouls who can’t hunt (think of Anteiku as a sort of homeless shelter).

TG 3.4

Later on Toka takes Kaneki to a shop to have mask made for him by the eccentric Uta. You see, Ghouls have masks made in order to hide their identity’s in case they ever run into members of the CCG, and anti-ghoul agency, AKA Doves.

We are introduced to two “doves” in this episode: the rigid Amon and the methodical Mado. After the string of incidents (Rize’s binge eating and her confrontation with the mysterious “Jason”) in the 20th ward, the two are sent to investigate and begin cutting down ghouls on their path to answers. Since Anteiku is located in the 20th war, it is safe to assume Kankei and the others will be meeting the doves soon.

Finally we come to Hinami and her mother Ryouko. At the top of the episode they are shown seeking refuge at Anteiku from a mysterious man who has enlisted Hinami’s doctor father for a procedure. They are both ghouls, but it is implied that Hinami may be a half-ghoul like Kaneki. She and Kaneki bond over their mutual love of books, which culminates in a set of oddly warm scenes from the series has shown thus far, but it’s still nice.



“Dove” is mostly setup for the next couple of episodes but it does a good job of doing what it needs to. Secondary antagonists and new characters are introduced, the world is expanded, and we see just how frightening both human and ghoul can be.

Next week, an unwelcome visitor comes knocking on Anteiku’s door.

TG 3.5

  • + CCG almost as frightening as Ghouls
  • + We get a closer look at Ghoul life
  • + Nice change from the blood
  • - Censorship can be awkward