Terror in Resonance – “Call & Response” Review

The first shot has been fired, how will the city of Tokyo respond? Spoilers Ahead!

After the first bombing, the police force has begun to scramble in attempt to find Nine and Twelve (now calling themselves Sphinx). With next video appearing online, the Tokyo Police rush to prevent another bombing; but they may already be too late.

TIR 2.5

Terror in Resonance is one of those shows that will make you feel a certain way, whether you like it or not. This isn’t a bad thing, a story striking a chord with it’s audience is a must if you want to be remembered, but Terror in Resonance does so in a way that makes you question who it is you should be interested in following.

Tokyo is still recovering from the bombing on the government in the first episode, clearing the wreckage and surveying any damage to other parts of the city. Miraculously, there were no casualties and only 27 minor injuries. This presents a sense of confusion in the police department, as they know the bombing was a terrorist attack, but are stumped as to why the bombers went out of their way to evacuate the building beforehand.

TIR 2.2


We once again see the letters V O N this episode, as they are written on the inside of the bomb remains that were recovered. This strikes a chord within one of the investigator, Kurahashi, and he in turn calls Shibazaki. It seems the two have some knowledge of Nine and Twelve or at least of their motives based on the letters.

We check in on Lisa as she tries to collect her thoughts after the first bombing. She is still shaken by what happened, but also ponders what Twleve meant when he called her an accomplice. We also see she has a very uncomfortable home life, with her overbearing mother who fears she’ll leave like Lisa’s father did. She runs into Twelve again, who is sort of keeping tabs on her. Twelve also makes shows no remorse when he says that he will kill her if she slips up (possibly because he’s uneasy about Nine’s possibly taking a liking to her).

TIR 2.3

Back to Nine and Twelve they are seen planning their next move, with their next target already in mind. Now calling themselves “Sphinx” (pronounced with a P instead of an F) they make another video with another riddle about the next bombs location. Basing the riddle off of the same one asked in Oedipus Rex, the police believe that it is a DNA facility that is the next target, but Shibazaki sees through the red herring an deduces that the target was actually the vacant Roppongi Police station. With Sphinx still one step ahead, things will only get worse from here. Just how far will Sphinx go?

TIR 2.6

“Call & Response” does a good job of bringing some of the mysteries and character motivations to light without revealing too much. Pieces are slowly coming together, but have yet to fall into place. Marking another intriguing watch that will have you hungry for what’s next.

  • + Animation remains crisp
  • + Music continues to set the mood
  • + Motivations are slowly coming into view
  • - Lighting can sometimes make it too dark to see.