Akame Ga Kill – “Kill the Imperial Arm Users” Review

Spoilers Ahead!

Another mission find its way into the laps of Night Raid. The assignment: eliminate Zank the Excutioner, a ruthless serial killer stalking the streets of the capital. When Night Raid begins to sweep the capital for signs of their prey, Zank makes his presence known by selcting Tastmui as his first victim!


Word comes down the wire for the aforementioned elimination of Zank the Excutioner early on in the episode. Zank was a former excutioner in the capitals biggest prison, suffice to say chopping off head after head made the guy a little coo coo and he started killing randomly. He was ousted from the capital but his sudden return brings him into Night Raid’s crosshairs. Besides being a generic psycho killer Zank does have an ace up his sleeve in the form of his Imperial Arm: Spectator.

AGK 4.1

Breifly mentioned last episode, we get a better explanation of the Imperial Arms this time around (through Najenda’s exposition to Tatsumi). Crafted at the behest of the emperor of the empire 1000 years, the 48 Imperial Arms were created using materials harvested from high-level danger beasts and rare minerals. Due to the low number of them, they are exteremely hard to find but are still searched for due to each weapons individual abilities. We already know the property of Mine’s “Pumpkin” but we learn the abilities of Night Raids other weapons: Akame’s “Muramasa” sword infects whomever it cuts with a deadly uncurable poison, Leone’s “Lionelle” belt transforms her into a lion human hybrid with enhaced strength and refelxes, Lubbock’s “Cross Tail” wires are very strong with a variety of uses like detecting enemies and forming into objects, Bulat’s “Incursio” armor increases the users strength and speed as well as turn invisible (but it is very taxing on its wearer), and finally Sheele’s “Ecstacy” scissors can cut through anything and their hardness make them usable for defense.

Back to Zank, his Imperial Arm gives him five different sight abilities: Farsight (allows him to see great distances), Clearsight(lets him look through objects), Insight (allos him to read the minds of others), Prediction (can predict a persons moves based off of muscle movements), and Illusion sight (which makes his prey see the person the hold most precious to them). He uses all of these abilities in the episode but Illusion sight proves to be his downfall.

AGK 4.3

While he uses Illusion Sight to lure Tatsumi away from Akame (Tatsumi sees Sayo), it spells his end when he uses it on Akame, who sees a girl named Kurome.

We learn a bit more about Akame during her fight with Zank. Zank claims to hear the voices of people he’s killed but Akame says she doesn’t hear such things, she also shows her resolve when she slashes at Zank despite him looking like her “most precious person”. Akame states that because that girl is precious that she must kill her (dark stuff).

AGK 4.2

“Kill the Imperial Arm Users” is a decent episode that gives some further insight on Akame and the Imperial Arms. While Zank was on the generic side, the fight with him was nice to look at. There are also a couple humorous moments here and there.

  • + Insight on the Imperial Arms
  • + We get a closer look at Akame
  • + Akame Vs. Zank is a good watch
  • - Tatsumi isn't given much to do