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Why Everyone Should Read Spider-Man’s 9/11 Issue

It has often been said that Comic Books should be fun, lighthearted, and a form of escapism for the readers. Whilst I do indeed subscribe to that level of thinking, there is also a saying that ‘life imitates art‘, although there is once in awhile an event that happens in ‘real life‘ that artistic form […]

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Here Come the SPIDER-GIRLS

More exciting news came out of the final day of the NYCC as Spider-office editor Nick Lowe, hosted the Spider-Verse panel and made two announcement’s that were pretty much expected but at least they’re now confirmed. Both Spider-Gwen and Silk are set to get their own ongoings in February 2015. Starting with Silk, the creative team will be […]

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MARVEL Announces SECRET WARS for 2015

The big news coming out of NYCC yesterday was the announcement of the 2015 Marvel Comics event. It seems that they’re taking us back a bit with an all new Secret Wars. Thrity years ago the first story line was a huge multi-crossover book involving major superheroes and villains in a battle on a distant […]

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Prepare To Enter The SPIDER-VERSE!

Marvel Comics and current Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott have been busy this year. They have been preparing to take us through what’s been intimated as being the biggest Spider-Man event in years: Spider-Verse. If you’re not already aware, the next few months will see the largest number of Spider-Men/Women/Girls (and even a Monkey and a […]

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5 Villains That Should NEVER Appear In The SPIDER-MAN Movies

When superhero franchises announce sequels years in advance, fanboys and fangirls will often rush to the myriad of fan forums across the web to extoll the virtues of their favourite or preferred villain (or villains), trying in a vain hope that their choices will somehow make it into the collective consciousness of the film-makers. When […]

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