Here Come the SPIDER-GIRLS

More exciting news came out of the final day of the NYCC as Spider-office editor Nick Lowe, hosted the Spider-Verse panel and made two announcement’s that were pretty much expected but at least they’re now confirmed.

Both Spider-Gwen and Silk are set to get their own ongoings in February 2015.

AF #15

Starting with Silk, the creative team will be Robbie Thompson and artist Stacey Lee. At the panel both gave their thoughts on being part of the team tasked with bringing more substance to the character.

Here’s what the writer had to say:

I’m super-thrilled to be a part of the Marvel Universe, and specifically this character.

He also informed the fans that the intention would be to take us from “Bite to Bunker“.

Stacey Lee then addressed the fans saying that:

I have always wanted to draw something Spider-Man

Then there’s Spider-Gwen, where Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez will continue to shape and define the character going forward.

AF #15

Jason Latour,  addressed and outlined his vision for Gwen‘s continuing adventures, also confirming that the series will take place within the universe we were introduced to in Edge Of Spider-Verse #2.

The series will detail what happens to Gwen Stacy‘s personal life as she adjusts to life as a costumed hero. For her father, he didn’t quite give her the great power equals great responsibility speech, but he essentially gave that speech, and now he has to be put to the test, both of those characters will challenge each other’s assertions.

He also appeased fears by stating that “The Mary Janes” will still be around in the series. Which we’ll all agree isn’t a bad thing.

The news that these two new female led Spider books follows the SDCC announcement for the re-launch of a solo title of Spider-Woman.

AF #15

Which as you may recall, caused a bit of controversy with it’s variant cover by Milo Manara.

The information surrounding the Spider-Woman title was confined to who the creative team for the book would be. Dennis Hopeless and Greg Land, and the announcement that the first three issues of the series would be tied to Spider-Verse, where we will see Jessica Drew teaming up with Silk.

These announcements certainly are something of a gauntlet tossed to the ground by Marvel Comics, during a time when their movie division is fielding all kinds of derision for the lack of superhero movies starring women. To have three female led books hit the market in the space of four months may seem like a gamble but it’s refreshing to see that at least one creative arm is prepared to take gender into account.

So what are your thoughts? do you plan on picking up any of the new titles announced? are you not interested? let us know in the comments section below. alternatively contact me on Twitter @telfirth or check out my other Spider-related rambling at The Man Who Collects Spider-Man

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