Jeremy Renner Hints At Hawkeye Involvement In CAPTAIN AMERICA 3

During a recent interview with MTV, utility actor Jeremy Renner gave a huge indication into the future of the character he plays within the Mighty Marvel MCU.

At a time where all the “buzz” is about who will get the next breakthrough solo movie out of the characters in the Marvel stable (as it stands, it’s going to be Ant-Man), it appears that Renner has ruled out the calls for his character “Hawkeye” to get his own standalone movie. Maybe for the time being at least.

However, when pressed on whether he sees himself firing his bow and explosive arrows at a myriad of villains in his own film. Renner had this to say:

I’m happy to be the ensemble,” he told us. “I’m not scratching or clawing to do a solo movie by any means.

“I think he’s a utility guy that can bounce around into other people’s universes a little bit, especially Cap 3. There’s whispers of that.

It seems Renner is happy for Hawkeye to remain a bit part player both within The Avengers, and also now as a team-up guy within his comic book world’s teammates’ movies. Especially as, prior to Avenger’s Assemble, Hawkeye had a small introductory part in Thor.

ASM #32

This is possibly also a strong indicator as to where Marvel Studios also sees the evolution of Hawkeye’s role within the MCU. After all, it was reported that Renner was a little disappointed at the lack of involvement in terms of onscreen action for his character in Avengers Assemble.

Though he himself, and the studio, have gone on record saying Hawkeye will have a larger role to play in the ensemble’s next outing, Avengers: Age of Ultron (set for a May 1st 2015 release).

With the actor himself releasing a little tease as to the possibility of any role in the third instalment for Hawkeye, it gets us here at UTF a bit more excited for where the Captain America franchise is taking us. We already know that the premise behind Cap 3 picks up some years after the events of Captain America:The Winter Soldier, and will continue to focus on the relationship between Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) and James ‘Bucky’ Barnes (Sebastian Stan). The idea that Hawkeye will be added to that mix raises the dial up on the action factor, hopefully all the way up to 11. Especially if there’s an encounter or two between the man with the arrows, and Crossbones.

ASM #32

If this rumour comes to fruition, I think it shows that Marvel are intent in referencing all the comic book titles in their back catalogue, in the sense that it gives Marvel the opportunity to explore some of the elements of the comic series Captain America and Hawkeye, which was a short mini-series that continued on from the Captain America and Bucky books that ran back in 2012.

Hopefully this isn’t a case that Renner is just firing shots out in the hope that something hit’s the target. We’d like to think that maybe Hawkeye has a better aim than that.

ASM #32

We’d like to hear your thoughts especially, from Hawkeye fans. Do you want Clint Barton to be a wandering hobo? Jumping onto other hero’s movies? Do you think this encroaches on Cap’s territory? Why not let us know by sounding off in the comments section below.

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