Has SPIDER-MAN Character Silk Woven Her Way To A Solo Title?

According to Bleeding Cool, it appears that Marvel Comics has recently applied for a trademark to be registered for the word “Silk.” As it states on their website, the trademark applied for will cover:

Comic books; printed periodicals in the field of comic book stories and artwork; printed visuals in the nature of comic book stories and artwork; posters

This news has led to Bleeding Cool speculating that, we may well see a solo title for the character following the up-coming Spider-Verse event

If this is indeed the case, then it would appear that Marvel have big exciting plans for a character that to date has made the sum total of three appearances within any comic book title since her debut in Amazing Spider-Man #4

ASM #40

If you’ve been keeping up with the series, this was the issue where we learned that Peter Parker was not the only person bitten by the radioactive bug all those years ago. As in the fabled words of Yoda In Empire Strikes Back “There is another.”

Spider-Man writer Dan Slott has indicated on a number of comic-con panels recently that “Silk” has a very large part to play within Spider-Vers,e and will be a part of Peter Parker’s life for the next few months after. Kinda spilling the beans that “Silk” will make it through Spider-Verse and come out the other side alive. Dan? DAN? Spoiler’s DAN!

Still, speculation regarding any kind of “Silk” solo book is the hot topic at the moment since this news was released, with fan forums debating the merits of the character and whether or not she can carry a solo book based on her limited number of appearances thus far.

Not to mention that Marvel recently cut down the number of female comic books within their stable and given that Spider-Woman is being re-launched in November and the calls for a Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman book following the success of the Spider-Verse prologue story in Edge of Spider-Verse #2. There could be an argument that a “Silk” book isn’t really needed at this time.

I’d certainly be surprised if Marvel were preparing the way for a regular monthly series for a character who’s had little to no character development, unless the current feelings regarding a monthly book  are incorrect and Marvel’s plans are in fact centered around producing a mini-series. Which would make more sense in the long run, as rushing head-long into a regular monthly would be seen by many as a huge gamble.

ASM Splash #1

There is one other interesting development, however, that does tend to lend weight to the speculation that the character is about to get a solo book whether a mini or regular ongoing, and that would be a tweet by “Silk” creator Dan Slott who earlier this week tweeted this.

Right now it’s unclear as to what the tweet was referring to, but seeing as the Bleeding Cool news broke shortly after, we can speculate that the tweet alludes to the trademark application, or he’s been made privy to what plans Marvel have and how they see the character moving forward.

So what are your thought’s on “Silk”? Do you believe she can carry a solo book in the long term? Do you like the character? Is Marvel jumping the gun with this gamble?

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Source: Bleeding Cool