The DC Universe Assembles in Awesome COMIC-CON Pics

For many, the prospect of a working DC Cinematic Universe had become a pipe dream. What with that darn Chris Nolan’s meddlin’ and Warner Bros’ apparent lack of clear vision or understanding regarding their comics properties, most had assumed that we’d have to settle for rewatches of The Dark Knight Trilogy and occasional failed Green […]

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What will happen when Harley and Mistah J reunite? Read on to find out. The official description from DC Comics: Harley and The Joker make it legal at last! Follow the happy couple to their secret honeymoon spot, where it’s literally till death do they part! Harley Quinn and the Joker. A relationship that has […]

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SDCC: Harley Quinn’s Artist

At DC Comics‘ Meet the Co-Publisher’s panel, Dan Didio and Jim Lee revealed the artist (sort of) for the new Harley Quinn title, launching later this year and being co-written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner. It turns out that the first issue, which may be #0, will feature 18 different artists, each drawing a single page. Harley will apparently break the fourth […]

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