“Do You Wanna Kill the BATMAN?” This Harley Quinn FROZEN Parody Rocks

Frozen was such an unexpected monster hit that every once in a while something comes along that embeds it into geeky culture, whereas it’s usually hanging around with mainstream and kiddy culture. Last year we got the Breaking Bad parody song “Do you wanna build a meth lab?”, but now we have something even cooler for you all – and much more comics-y.

Before that was even released, a cover of “do you wanna build a snowman?” was released by Sydney Amber in the frame of Harley Quinn speaking to the Joker with the title line being replaced with… well, it’s in this title. Check it below:

It’s a neat and geeky little song, almost making me feel sorry for Harley and her boyfriend. Then I snap back and remember they’re both fucking psychopaths. However, while the song is awesome, what it lacks is super-sweet animation. Ah well, at least we still have the Brea

Wait. There is animation now?! Oh, goodie!

Admittedly it isn’t covering the entire song but this is still very cool animation. The animators and the singer does indeed do a very good job of making you sympathise with the characters a little bit. Do they truly love each other or is it purely an abusive, psychotic relationship? Perhaps these themes will be explored in Suicide Squad.

Oh, and the Batman appearance at the end is so freaking cool.